What is Pay as you go and how can it help you? As most people understand payrolls can fluctuate from month to month and this means so does your cash flow. Pay as you go is as simple as it sounds. You pay for workers comp insurance only on the payroll you actually had. Madison Insurance Group has rolled out some new programs to help your cash flow putting more control in the hands of our customers. Both in the PEO space and the traditional market we see pay as you go payment options trending. This means low to no down payments and a real-time payment plan based on the payroll even in the prior week. Temporary Staffing companies have more options than ever.

MIG has partnered with two new companies in the marketplace and we are excited to offer this both to our existing clients and potential customers. If you believe a pay as you go work comp program is a good fit for you please give me a call or email anytime. Usually quote turnaround is about a week. We can quote based on your prior 12 months payroll and let the program bill you based on your actual week to week or monthly payroll. Some companies make you buy specific payroll programs or be a part of a PEO to get this service. At MIG we offer both payroll and PEO services to customers but we also market to the traditional marketplace. Being an agency that specializes in temporary staffing workers’ compensation we are able to get access to these programs and have a working relationship with underwriters to get the best available pricing. 

So if your renewal is coming up we would love to give you a no-hassle consultation and see if we can be a good partner in managing your risks and costs. In many cases, we find savings for our customers while offering the pay as you go option so it’s truly a win-win situation for everyone.  

MIG is your resource for Temp Staffing Insurance! As a proud member of the American Staffing Association. We will always continue to innovate with new programs that best fit the needs of the temporary staffing industry.


Call me at 865-963-1224 or email Russ.Rymer@miginsgroup.com for more information. I would love the opportunity to earn your business.